Flash Sale at Whole Foods!  

So, before yesterday, I didn’t know what a flash sale was.  I got an email from Whole Foods yesterday announcing the Flash Sale Today on ALL bulk items.  I left work early, just to attend this event….and I kinda lost my mind.   But, hay, everything was 20% off and now I have enough grains and such to get me until the end of this year.   Seriously.   It was a mad house in the bulk area - Bulkocolypse!   Anyways, I bought

  • dried chick peas
  • sweet short grain brown rice
  • normal short grain brown rice
  • whole wheat pastry flour
  • wheat gluten
  • whole oat grains
  • whole barley
  • hard wheat berries
  • corn flour
  • blue agave (yes!  in bulk - I put it in the bear)
  • raw buckwheat groats
  • raw pumpkin seeds (for work)
  • raw sunflower seeds (also for work)
  • raw sesame seeds
  • puffed brown rice cereal


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